Dawn grew up in rural Manitoba where hunting was part of everyday life. Through this upbringing she developed a appreciation for the effort and rewards of harvesting your own food from both animal and plants. After leaving Manitoba she then worked as a paramedic while also training as a CrossFit Coach. She soon realized that the strength and conditioning that she learning and personally developed through the CrossFit methodologies could be applied to much more than staying fit for Emergency Services.

When Dawn opened Bedrock CrossFit in 2014, it happened to be beside Jim-Bows Archery. After she started shooting next door and a few archers started working out at Bedrock CrossFit the concept of a fitness program for hunters was soon born. CrossFit has allowed Dawn to excel at the things she liked (lifting heavy things) and forced her to work on the things she needed improvement in (endurance). Both elements are essential components to a successful hunting experience and have helped her in many times. Dawn holds the Canadian 100%RAW Powerlifting Federation Canada records for Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

Certifications & Workshops

Kati Breazeal Gymnastics- 2018 Agatsu Lower Body Mobility & Movement-2017
Concept 2 Rowing Instructor-2016
Crossroads Alliance Adaptive CrossFit Coach-2016
Agatsu Upper Body Mobility & Movement-2016
Agatsu Kettlebell Certificate Level 1-2015
CrossFit Kids-2014
CrossFit Level 2-2012,2017
CrossFit Mobility-2012
CrossFit Gymnastics-2012
CrossFit Level 1-2011
YMCA Fitness Specialty Certificate in Aquafit- Feb 5, 2001
Keiser Cycling Power Pacing Certification- Nov 25, 2000
YMCA Fitness Leadership Training-Apr 22, 2000

Formal Education

Bachelor of Human Science (2013) – Athabasca University, graduated with Honours
Emergency Medical Technologist-Paramedic (2005) – SAIT, graduated with Honours
Journeyman Red Seal Chef (1998)- Humber College, graduated with Honours