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A sense of community and accountability is what drew Amanda to CrossFit over other types of fitness programs.  She spent her youth and high school years playing as many sports as possible and has always been keen on staying active.  As a former runner, boot camp instructor, and adventure guide, she felt a connection with something that kept her challenged every day.
After training for 6 months, she knew it was something she wanted to pursue further.    Amanda’s favourite part of coaching is helping people achieve day to day milestones throughout their training and being in an atmosphere of like-minded people.


Kati Breazeal Gymnastics Agatsu Lower Body Mobility-2017
The BrandX Method Basic & Advanced Kids Course-2017
Agatsu Upper Body Mobility-2016
CrossFit Level 1-2016
Concept 2 Rowing Instructor-2016

Formal Education
Bachelor of Management, University of Lethbridge
Bachelor of Arts, University of Saskatchewan
RECA Licensed Mortgage Associate