Bedrock CrossFit & Jim Bows Archery Collaboration

Hunt Weiser Program started as collaboration of Bedrock CrossFit and Jim Bows Archery to keep hunters fit in the off-season. Using both of their strengths, owners Dawn & Joey, could see that creating a comprehensive program would benefit those with the love of hunting. The physical demands of a hunting expedition are no joke, which is where the CrossFit aspect of the program comes into play. The CrossFit like workouts of Hunt Weiser promote functional movements that a hunter will see out in the backcountry of a hunting trip. The use of 3D shooting targets and stimulating shooting while your heart is elevated helps to simulate real-life situations of hunting and allows our hunters to perfect their aim under pressure.  


Our Coaches

Our coaches are passionate about helping you hunt harder, longer and farther!

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JOe Mungo

As a co-owner of Jim-Bows Archery, Joe is passionate about teaching the sport of archery. Joe's love of hunting started at an early age – he began upland game bird hunting with his dad and brother at the age of 12 which lead to big game hunting with a bow.

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Dawn Krpan

As the owner of Bedrock CrossFit, Dawn is passionate about helping people to achieve their fitness goals and watching them progress. The sense of community with Hunt Weiser, is exactly why Dawn was drawn to help people improve their fitness.

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Amanda Towstego

A sense of community and accountability is what drew Amanda to CrossFit over other types of fitness programs. As a former runner, boot camp instructor, and adventure guide, she felt a connection with something that kept her challenged every day.

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Sampson Vaskor

Aka “Moose”. Sampson’s passion and addiction to archery began in 2010 when he got his first bow, a PSE Fast Flight. Despite being the youngest member of the coaching team, he’s a wealth of information and always willing to share his knowledge.