Aligning hunting and fitness for the ultimate training program - Hunt Weiser!

Our training programs were specifically designed for hunters; to improve performance as hunters.

Our tailored training programs are perfect for you; whether you’re training for a hunting expedition, to improve strength, gain mobility, lose weight or to avoid injury on your next outdoor adventure.


We Hunt The Deer Out Here

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“The Hunt Weiser program was great way to stay in shape in the off-season and keep that edge in your shooting and physical fitness. It's really important to be pushing yourself and realistically no one shoots without some sort of pressure in the field so the program is a great way to train your mind not just your body. Had a lot of fun made some friends and connections along the way.”

- Jason Michielsen

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“Hunt Weiser is an excellent program that consists of cardio, strength, endurance and archery.  Each week the instructors added a little extra to the program to ensure we were all able to push ourselves to the next level.  There was also a new and challenging archery component that really enhanced our skill development on a weekly basis.  The fitness component was personally catered to each person and all exercises were geared so that individuals could all push themselves at a comfortable level. Did it make a difference?  I really pushed hard to find these rams this summer during a scouting trip.  I doubt I could have done that without the training at Hunt Weiser!”

- Pat Quinn

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Hunt Longer. Farther. Harder. 

Hunt Weiser.

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